The Top 5 Reasons to Have an Event on the Water

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Are you putting an event together? Finding and reserving an amazing venue for a special occasion is essential as it sets the tone for the entire event. The New York bay and taking an event to a venue that is on the water could help make an event spectacular and one to remember.
1. Sense of Exhilaration
Being on the water is exhilarating! Whether it is a party for an anniversary or engagement, the setting for a proposal, birthday, wedding, holiday, or company event is everything when it comes creating an amazing event to remember.
When an event is on a beautiful yacht and in proximity to the water, it’s something that everyone that is attending will be able to enjoy. Guests can enjoy the fresh ocean air and the decadence of being on board a yacht, creating an effortless sense of exhilaration.
2. Variety During An Event
Events or parties held on boats are often amazing because they provide the variety that attendees may crave! Instead of being indoors in a stuffy room, guests can move easily from one space to another and even walk around the boat to another deck. The yacht provides variety and the event can involve eating in a dining room before moving to another part of the boat for cocktails or entertainment.
3. Accommodation of Small or Large Gatherings
Does your event have many people coming, or are you keeping it intimate? The best reason to have any event on a yacht on the water is that it accommodates any number of guests. From a large guest list to something small, luxury yachts are perfect for events that are intimate and small or have quite a few people coming. A venue representative can confirm how many people a yacht can also accommodate if you have many people you would like to invite!
4. The Event Becomes An Excursion
Guests will step onto a yacht that leaves shore for the water. Just like that, an event on the water transforms from just a party into an excursion. This of course helps promote a carefree attitude that simply encourages fun! It will feel like an escape from reality in the very best way and creates a very special occasion that feels like a miniature vacation.
5. An Exquisite Setting
There are many themes that you can have for any special occasion. No matter what, a yacht complements them! Whether day or evening, the New York Bay is a beautiful backdrop and the setting will add elegance and drama. As you move forward on the water, you have an experience that will not soon be forgotten.
A New York Bay cruise on a yacht could be the perfect venue for your next event.
If you are throwing together an event, consider the venue. The New York Bay gives way to the charms of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. When you have an event on a luxury yacht on the water, you can make an event incredible. Yachts For All Seasons can assist you in creating a memorable and wonderful event. For more information, call us at (212) 534-6380!

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