'Tis The Season to Get Engaged

holiday proposal on a boat in new york

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, especially in New York. The season is one of the most romantic as well. With the snow falling and the window shopping and all of the decorations and sparkling lights put up, it’s easy to see why the holiday season could just as well be dubbed ‘engagement season’!
Plenty of couples are inspired by the romantic, exciting nature of the season, and some seize the opportunity to make the ultimate romantic gesture. From getting down on one knee at the spot that you met, going to where the two of you went on your first date, to choosing an engagement on a boat, there is nothing more incredible than asking the love of your life if they will be yours forever.
Can you imagine proposing to your sweetheart with all of New York in the background? Maybe the time for you could be this holiday season!
Why do so many couples choose the holidays to get engaged?
Time Off
Many couples have a lot of time off from work and have more days together off than they would normally. It makes sense that they would take advantage to plan an elaborate proposal and enjoy themselves. There’s no sense of feeling rushed, and the romantic nature of the time as well as having time off means that you can enjoy the days after the proposal to the fullest, extending the glow!
Sharing The Moment With Loved Ones
Family and friends may be in town more often than they usually are. With family and friends gathering, it can be the perfect time to share the news in person about how you are engaged to be married! You’ll have a great tale to tell and the people that you care about will be there to share the good news with you.
Plenty of Romantic Moments
If it’s snowing, you could be on a boat, walking in a park, standing by a statue, and it would all be incredibly romantic. With your hats and scarves and winter coats, it almost feels like you’re in a movie. No matter what you do or where you go, it’s bound to be amazing. Whether you are thinking of going to dinner or walking around and taking in the sights and decorations or doing a specific activity, nearly anything you do is going to be more special than it normally would be.
Time to Plan Your Wedding
If you want a winter wedding, you have a year! This gives you a nice long engagement and plenty of time to plan your wedding. Even a fall wedding in the new year would give you roughly eight months or more to make it happen. If you really want a spring wedding ASAP, you at least have the duration of winter to mull it over and either make some decisions or delay picking a date so you can enjoy being engaged.
Propose During New Year’s Eve By Taking a Yachts For All Seasons Under Fireworks
Yachts For All Seasons is able to offer the chance to have a New York dinner cruise on New Year’s Eve that you will never forget. Our world class luxury charters are available for couples or groups to witness and celebrate an engagement. Call us today at (212) 534-6380, or contact us online to find out more.

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