Celebrating a Birthday on a Yacht

Plan a Birthday Party On a Yacht in New York

Are you celebrating your birthday or the birthday of someone close to you? Yacht charters in New York are perfect for these special event celebrations. Chartering a yacht for a birthday is a great way to impress your guests and create a lifetime memory. Your guests will be socializing in the lap of luxury and seeing the sights on a party that will never be forgotten. Consider the following ideas to create an unforgettable celebration and add a unique touch to your yacht charter.

Go Formal

You can go with either a themed request or allow guests to dress as they like– as long as it’s formal. You may be thinking black tie and ball gowns, or just want guests to be comfortable in something they love but with a uniformly dressed up look. It’s a special occasion, so why not dress to accommodate this? Keep in mind that whatever the dress request is, you need to put it down on an invitation.

Do Your Prom, Part 2

Whether you were crowned prom royalty or never attended the event, why not hold your own prom-style night as an adult? By re-creating a party with this theme, you may give your guests an opportunity to relive an exciting time from the past.

Movie or Book-Theme Party

If you’re a fan of classic literature or love to watch old movies, maybe try incorporating that theme into a happy occasion. Have your guests dress up as characters from The Great Gatsby, Casablanca, or whatever your favorite movie or book might be.

Dance Party

Yacht party venues are a terrific place to let your hair down and dance to some upbeat music. A chartered yacht typically will have a suitable dance floor so that everyone who attends may dance the night away. Don’t forget to hire your favorite DJ for the occasion!

Game Night

If you like playing games, you may want to provide a variety of games for your guests. We can arrange chairs and tables to accommodate this. You can play a game like charades or a scavenger hunt aboard a luxury yacht. When you’re finished playing, everyone can enjoy and relax by taking in the amazing views.
Event planning doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Contact us at Yachts For All Seasons to organize your special event. Call us at (212) 534-6380, or contact us online for more details. Spending your birthday aboard a luxury yacht is the best way to mark your special occasion!

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