5 Genius Alternatives to the White Wedding Dress

5 Genius Alternatives to the White Wedding Dress
white wedding dress alternatives use your wedding colors
Perhaps you’re just a non-traditional kind of gal. Maybe it’s your second (third? fifth?) wedding, and a white dress seems silly. Or, you could just be worried about spilling that chocolate fountain down the front of your white dress, right in front of the camera memorializing it all. Legit concern. Whatever your reasons, there is no Constitutional requirement that you have to wear white (or off-white or ivory or champagne) on your wedding day. No, there isn’t; your mother lied. Here are some options you’re going to adore …
1. Use Your Wedding Colors
You’ve probably already picked your favorite colors (or at least the most popular schemes you love), so why not match your dress to your color scheme, too? You can wear the same color as your bridesmaids, or choose a coordinating or contrasting color wedding dress. Non-white wedding dresses are available at almost all of the bridal shops nowadays, as well as online catalogs. Alternately, you can choose a gorgeous formal gown that isn’t a “wedding dress”.
2. Go Casual or Dress in a Theme
white wedding dress alternatives-Go Casual or Dress in a Theme
Dresses aren’t for everybody. You can choose a far less formal gown than a “wedding dress” or opt for something wholly not dressy at all. For a yacht wedding, consider an adorably trendy nautical outfit, complete with white yacht shorts, a navy-and-white striped t-shirt, and a red scarf of belt to set it all off. Or, opt for simple jeans and a flannel shirt. Many couples dress like their favorite movie characters — like Aragorn and Arwin or Nathan Drake and Lara Croft. Just be sure to specify casual dress or costumes on your wedding invitations.
3. Pick an “Almost White” Pastel Color
Pick an "Almost White" Pastel Color
Perhaps you and dear ol’ mom can strike a truce. Instead of totally bucking the system (or launching WWIII), consider a compromise, such as wearing an almost-but-not-quite white wedding dress. Your options include most any pastel color, or a more modern look like slate gray. You could also try a non-pastel version of the typical “pastel” colors, such as a cadet blue, chartreuse, or Millennial pink.
4. Buck Tradition in Black or a Bold Color
white wedding dress alternatives-Buck Tradition in Black or a Bold Color
For brides who honestly loathe the idea of anything that even has airs of tradition, you can completely buck the system with a bold black wedding dress or a dress in another fantastically non-traditional color, like fire engine red, emerald green, or Persian blue. These vivid colors simply command attention while you’re walking down the isle, and lend to a plethora of creative ideas when it comes to your wedding photos.
5. Wear What You Wore on Your First Date
white wedding dress alternatives - Wear What You Wore on Your First Date
Just can’t decide? Watch his eyes pop with recognition and appreciation as you appear and make your way down the isle in the outfit you wore on your very first date. This is best saved as a total surprise, so that the shock on your adoring groom’s face is 100% authentic. He’ll truly appreciate how sentimental this gesture is, because it shows an entirely new level of affection for the history you two share together.
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