Yacht Charter Party Themes

Yacht Charter Party Themes

Yacht Charter Party Themes

20 Brilliantly Underused Themes for Your Charter Yacht Party
If you roll your eyes at another party with an overused and under-inspired theme like Disco, the 80’s, and some version of “under the sea,” then this article is for you. Just when it seems like there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to throwing a big bash on a charter yacht, here are a whole host of new ideas to inspire even the hippest NY hipsters, who bore incredibly quickly.
If you’re going to pick a theme, by all means go all the way. Be sure that the food, drinks, games, entertainment, and everything else tie into the theme, no matter how loosely. Creativity is key! For example, martinis are expected at a James Bond themed party, but you can wow even the snobbiest and most knowledgeable fans by working in trivial facts like Q’s real name (Major Boothroyd) or a replica of the gold-plated Royal typewriter used by Fleming to write the Bond novels. Make sure everyone can enjoy those “inside jokes” by adding placards explaining the references.
If you plan to rent a yacht in NYC for your next big party, without further ado, here are the best underused themes to keep your next charter yacht party fresh and exciting!

1. Land of the Dinosaurs

Yacht Charter Party Themes: Land of the Dinosaurs
The wild success of Jurassic World at the box office proves that people are never too old to get into dinosaurs. Decorate with cutout dinosaur footprints across the floor of the charter yacht, driftwood, inflatable dinosaurs, and lots of exotic palm trees.

2. Heaven & Hell

Shows like Lucifer, The Good Place, Fallen, and others spark our natural curiosity and intrigue with all things related to heaven and hell, good and evil, and the afterlife. Explore this with a Heaven & Hell themed party on a NYC charter yacht. Let guests choose whether to come clad in wings and halos or horns and pitchforks.

3. Identity Swap

We know we’re on to something here, because Pinterest doesn’t even have a category for it. Consider having your group swap identities for the evening, and then have everyone try to guess who each person is pretending to be. This is a fantastic idea for office parties and other corporate get-togethers.

4. Put It in Print

Instead of centering your yacht party around a movie or decade, make it revolve around a specific style. Choose one that’s currently in style — like plaid, polka dots, or florals — or pick one that’s wonderfully out of vogue — like chevron or argyle. Other options include:
• Herringbone
• Houndstooth
• Gingham
• Stripes

5. Boots & Boxers

Yacht Charter Party Themes: Boots and Boxers
Want a comfy theme so that everyone will come, but don’t want something tired and overused like the pajama party? Host a Boots & Boxers party. Have everyone come in cowboy boots and boxer shorts, which works year round if you layer the boxers over leggings or long johns. (This is an excellent alternative to the Cowboys & Indians theme that’s taken heat in recent years for its cultural insensitivity.)

6. Thrift Shop

This theme is so fun it almost makes its own entertainment. Have everyone come in their most outlandish thrift store finds. You can also decorate with amazingly outdated thrift store items, like tatted doilies and ugly lamps.

7. Game Show

Everyone loves playing along with a game show, if nothing else than to pretend they’re going to win that great tropical vacation or the new sports car. You can set up your charter yacht to look like the set of the game show, and then have guests take turns as contestants on one of these great games that translate well into the “real world”:
• Family Feud
• Jeopardy
• Wheel of Fortune
• The Price is Right
• Deal or No Deal
• Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Alternately, you can do something more along the lines of Whose Line is It Anyway? or An Evening at the Improv.

8. Casino

Along the game-theme vein, you can make it a little sexier by setting up your charter yacht like a grand casino and having everyone play Vegas style games like poker, roulette, and blackjack. This invites a wide range of dress options, so be sure to specify how casual or formal you want the charter yacht party to be.

9. Olympic Games

You don’t have to play any real games (though you can if you like) to host an Olympic-themed charter yacht party. Borrow heavily from the Olympic colors (red, green, blue, yellow, and black), as well as the gold, silver, and bronze elements.

10. Carnival or Circus

Yacht Charter Party Themes: Carnival or Circus
Popcorn and cotton candy, calliope music, Ferris wheels, carnival games, and lions, tigers, and bears — these are just a few of the fun favors you can work into a carnival or circus-themed party. Depending on the charter yacht you select, you might also be able to incorporate a funnel cake stand, face painting booth, and some version of bobbing for apples.

11. International Themes

The toga party got old the day you graduated college. Adult-size your international party themes by considering a more mature option, such as:
• Germany (beer, Alpine feathered caps, Bavarian costumes, etc.)
• Italy (festive Italian flags, wine, pasta dishes, and even a make-your-own-pasta party)
• Japan (guests come dressed like Geishas and Samurais, serve sushi, and decorate with paper lanterns, bamboo, and colorful umbrellas)
• Ancient Greece (columns and Gladiators, ivy and Greek Key print make this more modern sheik than yesterday’s toga party)
• Ancient Egypt (think camels and cobra charmers, pyramids and the Sphinx, and lots and lots of gold)
• African Safari (rock the animal prints, especially leopard and zebra, and incorporate bongos, raffia baskets, and some Dashiki shirts.)
• Havana (fedora hats, palm trees, and Cuban flags are a good start, but include some hand-rolled cigars to make it authentically fabulous.)

12. Barbie & Ken Dolls

Bring this Mattel children’s classic staple to the grownup’s table by having everyone come dressed as their favorite Barbie or Ken doll. Decorate with all of the staple accessories Barbie and Ken enjoyed over the years — like the Dream House, the wardrobe, the Jeep and van, swimming pool and camper.

13. LEGOs

Like Ken and Barbie, LEGO toys have surpassed kiddom and made their way fully into the realm of adult enjoyment. After all, it takes a big boy’s paycheck to buy most of their incredible sets! For a LEGO themed party, play heavily on the primary colors these toys are most known for. You can easily make life-size DIY Legos out of boxes, wrapped in solid color paper, with party cups of the same colors glued on the boxes to form the Lego bricks.

14. Favorite TV Show / Movie Theme

If your entire workplace or social group is fascinated with a specific movie, show, or book, by all means enjoy this with a themed party. Just avoid these if everyone in your group has already used them to death. Great shows that lend well to theme parties on a charter yacht include:
• Mad Men
• Game of Thrones
• The Walking Dead
• Disney or Pixar movies
• James Bond
• The Great Gatsby

15. Star Wars Versus Star Trek

Yacht Charter Party Themes: Start Wars verses Star Trek
Have you ever noticed the deep, divisive rift that exists between Star Wars and Star Trek fans? While a few hardcore geeks love both, most are decidedly in one camp or another. Settle this war once and for all by having a theme party where guests choose sides by dressing as characters from their favorite spacey flicks. May the best star jumpers win.

17. Picnic / Camp Out Party

Turn your charter yacht party into a campout or picnic with the addition of some red and white gingham table cloths, Coleman lanterns, tents, and picnic baskets. Don’t forget a tongue-in-cheek nod to the enemies of the great outdoors — bears, ants, and other critters, oh my!

20. Tailgate Party

Yacht Charter Party Themes: Tailgate Party
Who doesn’t love dressing in team colors, donning some pon pons and #1 foam fingers, and calling it a game? Host a tailgate themed party, complete with tailgate foods like hamburgers, kebobs, Buffalo wings, and nachos. And, of course, beer. You can borrow heavily from the locals, with Giants and Jets merchandise galore, or keep it generic with the basic red and white / blue and white schemes.
No matter which theme you choose, there’s one thing for sure. Your charter yacht party won’t go over well without the right charter yacht! Yachts for All Seasons has you covered. Whether you’re looking for a cozy get-together for a dozen or an all-out blast for your 1,000 closest friends, we have the right Yacht to make your party spectacular. Book a NYC Yacht Charter with us today!

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