Holiday Yacht Cruise Ideas: See 5 of the Most Beautiful New England Towns

Holiday Yacht Cruise Ideas-Stonington Borough Connecticut

Holiday Yacht Cruise Ideas: See 5 of the Most Beautiful New England Towns

The 5 Most Beautiful New England Towns to See on a Holiday Yacht Cruise
Many people, especially jaded New Yorkers, are looking for something different to do for the holidays. After all, there are just so many Dirty Santa gift exchanges, dry holiday turkeys, and cheesy office shindigs that one can endure in a single season. Have you considered a charter yacht cruise? You can bring the entire family, or just load up yourself and your special someone and make it a quiet twosome. In just a few days, you can traverse the entire New England coast in grand style, seeing some of the most amazing sites in the country. Here are our top picks for your holiday yacht cruise destinations …

1. Stonington Borough, Connecticut

Surprised to see a Connecticut town topping the list? Connecticut is often left off the itinerary when it comes to charter yacht cruises, because it isn’t deemed as sexy as The Hamptons or as romantic as coastal Maine. But don’t overlook the pristine Connecticut coast when booking your NYC charter yacht. Stonington is a town in New London County, affectionately dubbed “the Borough” by the locals. With fewer than 1,000 residents, it’s ideal for getting away from the more tourist-infested areas of New England, especially during the busy seasons when travelers come to see the fall color and grand holiday decorations.
The Borough is situated on a peninsula that juts into Little Narragansett Bay, with an adorable town square that hails to its history of rich and prestigious visitors after the Civil War. In addition to the lovely Colonial architecture, you can see some amazing Federal and Greek Revival styles, especially in the domestic residences. The fishing and lobster industries are still thriving here, which keeps it from being nothing more than a sleepy New England village. If your ancestors happen to be Portuguese, you might also find some interesting things relative to your own heritage, as many of Stonington’s population are descendants of immigrants from Portugal.

2. Old Harbor, Rhode Island

Holiday Yacht Cruise Ideas-Old Harbor Rhode Island
Heads up, history buffs! Old Harbor is the ideal getaway for you. This perfectly preserved little New England town has no fewer than 42 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Tucked between the aptly-named Main Street and the grand Atlantic Ocean, Old Harbor offers breathtaking coastal views, an array of period-perfect Second Empire architecture, and is blissfully off anything that resembles a “beaten path”.
Looking to literally get away from it all? Old Harbor is calling you this holiday season. You can book a charter yacht from New York city and leave the hectic holidays blissfully behind.

3. Rockport, Massachusetts

Holiday Yacht Cruise Ideas-Rockport Mass
Maybe you want to get away from New York, but don’t totally want to isolate yourself from humanity. Rockport, Massachusetts fits that bill to a T. Christmas in Rockport is a month-long celebration, complete with tree lighting ceremonies, a pageant, fairs, festivals, concerts, Christmas carolers, and more.
Just 40 miles north of Boston, it offers everything you want in city conveniences and everything you need when it comes to a relaxed pace for the holidays. If you plan to step off your holiday yacht cruise and spend a night in town, book early because accommodations go quickly this time of year.

4. Ogunquit, Maine

Holiday Yacht Cruise Ideas-Ogunquit Maine
The name alone is probably worth a visit, but Ogunquit has more to offer than a quirky moniker. With a beach stretching what seems like forever, you can catch stunning views from the cliffs and visit one of several area lighthouses, which are probably the most famous things about Ogunquit other than the to-die-for lobster.
There are ample places to walk around in the area to see all the historical sites and surreal views. Don’t pass up a chance to see the sculptures by the water and other works by Maine’s talented artists at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.

5. Newcastle, New Hampshire

Holiday Yacht Cruise Ideas-New Castle New Hampshire
Are you enamored with the Salem Witch Hunt and other supernatural events of colonial New England? Lovers of the otherworldly won’t want to miss a chance to see Newcastle, New Hampshire, where the Stone-Throwing Devil events unfolded. According to folklore, one Sunday evening in 1682, around 10 p.m., the home of a settler named George Walton began being pelted by stones thrown (according to witnesses) “by an invisible hand”. The stones broke windows and a spit from the fireplace flew up into the air, coming back down and sticking its point into a log in the fireplace. When someone went to pull it back out, it again flew, this time exiting the window on its own power. The gate was also possessed, later found to be ripped off its hinges.
Similar events occurred with some regularity for the remainder of the summer, as well as other mysterious and unexplained happenings. If you like your holidays less Miracle-on-34th-Street and more Nightmare-Before-Christmas, a yacht cruise to Newcastle, NH is just what the ghosts and goblins ordered.
However you picture your holidays, you can trust your charter yacht cruise to the pros at Yachts for All Seasons. From the romantic getaway for two to the whole family gathering, we have a vessel to perfectly suit your needs. Many of our yachts offer spacious cabins, impressively stocked kitchens, and an ambiance you can’t recreate outside a Norman Rockwell painting. Book your holiday yacht cruise today!

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