Charter Yacht Party: Choosing The Right Floral Arrangements

Charter Yacht Party Flower Arrangements-Steer Clear of the Stereotypical Seasonal Arrangements

Charter Yacht Party: Choosing The Right Floral Arrangements

Your Easy Guide to Choosing Floral Arrangements for a Charter Yacht Party
There are two kinds of New Yorkers: those who instinctively know how to put a floral arrangement together (or at least understand what works and what doesn’t) and those who are as clueless as a newborn calf in Times Square. Flower arrangements can make or break the decor at your charter yacht party, and in many cases, these arrangements are the sum total of the decor. This is particularly true if you’re planning a corporate event on a tight budget.
Relax! Help is here. This is your easy guide to nailing it with floral arrangements to make your NYC charter yacht party a daisy of a success.

Steer Clear of the Stereotypical Seasonal Arrangements

There is a difference in choosing an arrangement that matches a certain season and one that’s so cliché a kindergartener could have made it up. For example, poinsettias, holly, and pinecones are so overused for the holidays that Santa banned them for all elf and reindeer parties at the North Pole forever. Okay, not really, but he thought about it. People get frayed with nothing but green and red at Christmas, red and white at Valentine’s, gold and purple during Marti Gras, orange during the fall, etc et al.
Break free of these stereotypes and put some purple in Christmas, blue in Valentines, and shake up March altogether with some understated white (lilies work) or some simple elegant greenery, like ivy, bamboo, or eucalyptus. For the fall, try bold reds, deep royal purples, or eye-popping gold, which are both seasonal and a blessed relief from orange, more orange, and even more orange.

Match the Size of the Venue & Tables with the Size of the Arrangements

Charter Yacht Party Flower Arrangements-Match the Size of the Venue & Tables with the Size of the Arrangements
Have you ever gone to a wedding or corporate event and tried awkwardly to talk over and around an obnoxiously large centerpiece? Don’t do this to your guests. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a bar mitzvah, or just getting the gang together for some fun, you want to make it easy and pleasant to hold a conversation at your tables. Opt for low-setting floral arrangements, or pick something tall and extraordinarily thin, such as single stem flowers or tight bundles of branches.
Additionally, match the size of the venue with your floral arrangements. Stick with thin and wispy flowers in a smaller venue, and thick, lush flowers for larger venues. Having said that, less can be much more when your goal is sheer elegance. There’s nothing wrong with grandly understated floral arrangements, such as single stems of tulips gracing the tables of a large ballroom.
You can use greenery to thin down or fatten up your floral arrangements. Use greenery alone, without any color, to add decor without disturbing the theme or overall ambiance of an event venue. Alternately, you can add bundles of green to otherwise simplistic bunches of flowers to create a full, bold statement without spending big bucks on lots of colorful flowers.

Tune Into the Colors of the Overall Theme of the Yacht Party

Charter Yacht Party Flower Arrangements-Tune Into the Colors of the Overall Theme of the Yacht Party
A charter yacht provides a natural nautical theme to any party, whether you want to capitalize on it or not. That means that tropical flowers and plants are never out of season or style for a yacht party. Feel free to utilize palm trees, palmettos, orchids, bromeliad, red ginger, hibiscus, flowering succulents, and jasmine to most any event you host on a charter yacht, from weddings to corporate training sessions to birthday celebrations.
Not only can we rent a yacht in NYC for ya, but Yachts for All Seasons has established relationships with some of the best florists in New York. We can work with you to select a vendor for your floral arrangements, as well as the rest of your decor, even if you choose a theme for your charter yacht party. Visit Yachts for All Seasons to start planning your yacht party today!

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