Corporate NYC Holiday Event Yacht Charter

Are you in the process of planning your corporate holiday event? Yes, it’s about that time of year. When searching all the NYC venues, you’ll see much of the same old same old. But take a peek out in the harbor, and you’ll discover an entirely different corporate event venue that is head and shoulders above the rest. Here are all the reasons to choose a charter yacht for this year’s corporate holiday event.

1. Spoil Your Hardworking Employees

A holiday corporate shindig is more than just a celebration of the season. It’s your company’s reward to all your dedicated, talented employees who made a successful year possible. Nothing says, “We value you,” like an elegant charter yacht, cruising New York Harbor, with some of the most celebrated sights on earth meandering by. It’s like giving your workers a mini-vacation, without the costs of airfare and hotel rooms.

2. Capitalize on Your Captive Audience

corporate-holiday-event-yacht-charter capitalize on audience
Tired of employees sneaking out before the speeches and presentations? You can fix this. Having your corporate holiday party on a charter yacht means that nobody ducks for the exits after dinner is served. It’s only fair that everyone is on hand to celebrate awards and milestones. You’re just tipping the scales a bit to ensure that fairness is delivered.

3. A Charter Yacht is an All-Inclusive Venue

Corporate Holiday Yacht Charter Tips
Planning the corporate holiday event is time-consuming, complicated, and stressful. You can eliminate a great deal of this stress by choosing a charter yacht, because they are an all-inclusive event vendor, offering everything from the dinner catering to entertainment options to florist services. With a NYC Yacht Rental, entertainment choices run the gamut from comedians to live bands to magicians, or you can select from a wide range of games to keep them busy and engaged. Whatever your crowd is into, you can accommodate their tastes on our charter yachts. Yachts for All Seasons employs experienced professional party planners to help you plan your corporate shindig from A to Z, saving you time, hassle, and eliminating much of your holiday stress.

4. Excellent Photo Opportunities for Your Marketing & PR Teams

Photo Opportunities
All your employees will love celebrating your year-end blowout on a charter yacht, but perhaps no one will be more thrilled about it than your marketing and PR teams. They are always hungry for great photos to go with their sales brochures, customer newsletters, employee emails, and other PR and marketing materials. No other venue offers the exceptional photo ops you get on a charter yacht, cruising the New York Harbor at one of the most beautiful times of the year! Schedule departure for an hour or so before sunset, so you can get daylight shots, sunset photos, and some super snazzy evening pictures.

5. It Helps With Employee Recruitment & Retention
Employment Retention

Your HR team will be glad you chose a charter yacht, too, because telling top job applicants that your year-end corporate gala is held on a charter yacht is excellent fodder for promoting your company. A recent study actually correlates solid employee retention rates with providing positive experiences, including grand corporate events at exotic venues like a NYC charter yacht. Selecting upscale, unique, and exciting venues like a yacht actually does increase your company’s ability to attract and retain top talent, which is a critical issue across industries today.
Yachts for All Seasons can accommodate your corporate holiday event, whether you employ a dozen workers or 1,200 employees. From scheduling the most appropriate entertainment to laying out a dinner that everyone will rave over for months to come, Y4AS has you covered. Contact our expert party planners to begin planning your corporate holiday event now! Be sure to also check out our latest yacht rental nyc specials and view our  nyc private yacht charters.

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