NYC Charter Yacht Wedding Color Selection

NYC Charter Yacht Wedding Color Wheel
Planning a NYC charter yacht wedding? Well, let’s think about the color selection for your big day for a moment! Let’s see…burgundy and off-white … Peach and turquoise … Melon and yellow … Aarrugh! A quick glance in one of the bridal mags or social media is simply dizzying. How on earth can you choose a unique, modern-looking color combination, that hasn’t been used ad nauseam by every other bride in New York City? Relax! Not only do we have the absolute best NYC wedding venues around, we can also help you select a color combo that’s sure to please. Yep! These steps lead you to a wedding color palette that will please the bride, satisfy the bride’s mom, and wow the wedding guests. Here’s how …

1. Take a Look at the Color Wheel

The color wheel isn’t an exhaustive collection of all known colors. It is a basic version of all colors, and allows you to select complimentary and contrasting colors with ease. Look at the color wheel (for a more simplified version and lengthier explanation, check here), and determine which color your eye is most drawn toward. Do you go for the vivid yellows? Knockout reds? Subtle oranges or blues?
After you’ve decided which colors your eyes are naturally drawn toward, choose a complimentary or contrasting color to set it off. You can also choose two more colors, for a maximum of three, but more than that gets too busy. Contrasting colors are those directly across from one another on the color wheel. You can also choose those colors right next to your color selection, for a complimentary color, or picture a triangle on top of the color wheel, and select three opposite points for a triad of excellent contrasting colors.

2. Stay Off Pinterest for a Little While

Stay off Pinetrest
When planning a wedding, it’s way easy to get too much of a good thing. After spending a few days on the wedding blogs and social media boards, you’ll be so overwhelmed you can’t see or think straight. Instead, browse a bit of Pinterest, a few of the top wedding blogs, and perhaps one or two of the latest bridal magazines. Then, shut it off. Give yourself time to ponder. The colors and ideas your mind keeps going back to later are most likely those you have the most fondness for.

3. Take a Peek in Your Closet

Take a peek at your closets
Not sure what your favorite colors are? Take a peek in your closet. More than likely there will be one color that’s predominantly displayed in your wardrobe. Lots of pinks or blues or even blacks? Take this queue — that’s the color you enjoy the most. It’s the color you’re happiest around. Doesn’t that sound like the ideal wedding color — one that makes you happy?

4. Compare Colors, Not Actual Decorations

Compare colors not decorations
Sometimes you think you’re falling in love with the colors, when you’re actually falling in love with the decorations. You’ll need to make sure that you like your actual color combinations, not just the floral arrangement or place settings or centerpieces you happen to be looking at. Get swaths of those colors and try them on different things to be sure you actually like the color scheme, not just the decoration itself.

5. Pick a Color-Neutral NYC Wedding Venue

Once you select your color scheme, you don’t want it thrown off by the color of the carpet, walls, tables and chairs, or other decor in the NYC wedding venue of your choosing. At Yachts for All Seasons we have almost 50 vessels to choose from in all sizes and styles. You can pick the perfect backdrop for your color scheme for the photo-finish you’re looking for.
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