Yacht Weddings on a Budget

Yacht weddings on a budget

Get 6 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Yacht Wedding Budget Under Control

Planning a yacht charter for your NYC wedding? Amazing choice! Yacht weddings don’t have to be expensive to be elegant and memorable. In fact, simply marrying on a boat is romantic and special. Here are a few tips for keeping the costs of your yacht wedding in check, so that you have more funds in the bank for other things — like a spectacular honeymoon or a sizeable down payment on a home.

1. Make a Reasonable Budget

Wedding planners recommend this simple budgeting chart, which works for a $1,000 budget as well as a $50,000 budget. While the average cost of a NYC wedding is upwards of $40,000, most couples stage a grand affair for under $10,000. If you go over budget for one item, that’s okay, so long as you take that cost away from another category. This allows you to splurge on something like your dress and still have money left for stunning flowers and a smashing reception dinner.

  • Budget 50% for the reception, including food and drinks. Since a charter yacht serves as your venue for both the wedding and reception, this represents the largest investment in your wedding.
  • Budget about 10% for your photographer or videographer. Your NYC charter yacht service can help you find a great wedding photographer, helping you keep costs down without disappointment in the results.
  • Budget about 10% for attire (both bride and groom).
  • Budget about 10% for your wedding flowers (including bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, and boutonnières for the groom and groomsmen).
  • Budget 10% for entertainment, including your musicians for the service. If you’d like a live band at the reception, you can cut costs by playing a CD during the ceremony.
  • Budget about 2% for your ceremony (the officiant’s payment, decorations, candles, etc.)
  • Budget about 2% for your invitations.
  • Leave about 5% in your budget for miscellaneous and extra expenses, such as a limo to pick you guys up from the marina and gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Tackle the priciest items first, and then start investing in the smaller items. This also works to assure everything matches. For example, if you choose your plates and napkins after securing your charter yacht, everything is nicely coordinated.

2. Track Every Expense Along the Way

Master the art of ledgering. Having a ‘budget’ for your NYC yacht wedding doesn’t keep expenses low unless each and every expense is carefully tracked as you go. Save receipts as you make payments, even if you just happen to pick up a few items while browsing the local discount stores. Don’t forget to track upcoming expenses. Keep track of the estimates given to you by your vendors, like the florist and any entertainment professionals you book. Pencil in their estimates, and then make final adjustments as actual expenses come due.

3. Keep the Guest List Trimmed

Yacht wedding on a budget keep guests trimmed
The absolute best way to control the cost of any wedding, including a yacht wedding, is to trim that guest list. A smaller guest list lowers the cost of everything from the yacht charter to the dinner to any goodie bags or guest gifts you give out at the reception. Many couples have a separate party for coworkers, acquaintances, and others after the wedding — perhaps a housewarming party at your new home or a get-together at a local restaurant or pub following the honeymoon. This helps keep anyone from getting their feelings hurt if they don’t get an invite to the official ceremony.

4. Choose a Casual Wedding Theme

Formal weddings drive up the cost of everything from the wedding dress to the decorations to the reception dinner. For instance, if you specify ‘formal attire’ on the invitation, guests expect champagne and caviar. If you say ‘dress casual’, they’ll come expecting a chicken and beef dinner. NYC charter yachts offer elegant styling and grand architecture, so you will have abundant ‘ambiance’ even if everyone (including the decor and reception dinner) is on the casual side.

5. Pick a Time in Less Demand

Pick a time in less demand
The holidays and spring to summer is the most popular time for all NYC charter rentals, including weddings. During these times of year, you have to book your wedding yacht months in advance, and you’ll likely pay higher premiums for everything. Select a time that’s in less demand, such as that lull between January and March or during the fall, before the holiday party season kicks off. Since there are fewer customers vying for services, vendors are often willing to cut deals that they can’t afford to offer during their busiest times.

6. Abandon ‘Perfect’ and Embrace ‘Great’

Having a wedding is one of the best times in your life. Having a charter yacht wedding in New York makes it a wonderful affair in itself! Don’t feel like you have to have every little thing absolutely perfect. You’ll drive yourself, your family, and probably your wedding vendors crazy if you do. Settle for ‘good enough’ and you’ll find that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This little tidbit of wisdom helps guide you in making decisions along the way. You won’t go nuts if you have to spend less on napkins and flowers if you’re getting more of what you want, like the ideal wedding charter yacht and that perfect wedding dress.
Your charter yacht wedding can be glorious without going into massive debt. With these simple tips, you can stay on budget and on track for beginning your married life with a little sanity left. Visit Yachts for All Seasons to start planning your one-of-a-kind NYC charter yacht wedding today!
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