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Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Like a Million Bucks

After a few months of wedding planning, you’re going to feel as if there truly is nothing new under the sun. All of the ideas that were so fresh and exciting on Pinterest, bridal magazines, and all those endless blogs now seem as overused and trite as prom-ish bridesmaids dresses and burlap table decorations. What you need to remember is, your guests haven’t been neck-deep in Pinterest boards, bridal blogs, and wedding planning notebooks for 6 months. All of this is fresh, exciting, and new to them!
So, dig that planning notebook out from under that stack of invitations-in-progress, dress fabric samples, and returned bridal shower RSVPs, and let’s decide how you’re going to spoil them at your grand NYC wedding! Here are some excellent ideas for making your wedding guests feel like the kings and queens of the ball.

Handwritten Notes for Place Settings

wedding-guest-tips- handwritten notes
Instead of printing place setting cards, consider writing each guest a handwritten note from the bride and/or groom! Obviously, this idea works best for couples with smaller guest lists, but it does make for a handy, thoughtful, memorable treat for each and every guest who attends.

Entertain Them at the Reception Tables

Instead of gift baggies that get tossed and forgotten as soon as your guests get home, consider making the occasion extra special instead. Memories last a lifetime, and never get shoved into sock drawers or used to make a grocery list. Ideas include a magician, caricature artist, mariachi band, balloon-making clown, or origami artist, going from table to table, entertaining your guests. Most local performers and artists are available for NYC weddings.

Play Games & Give Away Prizes

Wedding Guest Tips: Play games and give away prizes
Don’t allow for a spare minute of dullness to touch your reception! Roll out some games for guests to enjoy. Consider the old standbys, like the bean bag toss (cornhole), ring toss, and shuffleboard. Or, ask your NYC wedding vendor to set up some casino games! Up the excitement value even more by offering nice prizes people can compete for.

Let Them Take Some of Your Wedding Flowers Home

Wedding guest tips: Give away flowers
Honestly, what are you going to do with hundreds (or thousands!) of cut flowers? Invite all your guests to grab a bud or two on the way out of the wedding venue. Not only does this maximize the investment you make in wedding arrangements, it also helps clear out and clean up the wedding venue faster than you can say, “I do!”

Provide a Cigar Bar

Wedding guest tips: Provide cigar bar
Want to have something NO other NYC wedding is offering? Give guests a cigar bar! You can provide packaged cigars, or have a station set up where an attendant or your guests can roll their own. Be sure to offer cigarillos for the ladies!

Allow Them to Make Song Requests on Their RSVP Cards

Allow guests to make RSVP song requests
When you can’t make up your mind about a playlist for the reception, take a load off your mind and treat your guests at the same time. Let each guest request a song or two on your RSVP cards. Instant set list for your band or DJ, and it really simplifies your reception planning responsibilities.

Personalize the Party Favors

Wedding guest tips: personalize party favors
Maybe you don’t have time (or energy) to write each guest a note. Instead, offer personalized party favors instead of the one-for-all type favors. Have them printed or handwrite on each bag. Alternately, you can get wedding merchandise that’s preprinted with the bride and groom’s name. Look for coffee mugs, cozy holdies, T-shirts, and similar merchandise.

Set Up Kids’ Tables & Play Areas

set up kids table and play area
To really treat your guests, have your NYC wedding venue set up children’s tables and a play area, so that guests can wine and dine without having to wipe faces, fuss over vegetable eating, and all the stuff they have to do when they aren’t at a spectacular wedding party! Ask your vendor if a server could watch over the play area, or request a teenager or two of friends and family to take over that role. (BONUS IDEA: Allow each child a ‘plus one’ so they can bring their favorite stuffed animal along. Be sure to double the table settings at the kids’ table for their special furry guests.)

Up the Ante With a Brilliant Venue, Stellar Food & Extraordinary Entertainment

Choose a brilliant venue
Of course, the absolute best way to treat your guests like royalty is to host your wedding on a yacht! NYC charter yachts are available for any size wedding party. We also offer most of the other vendor services you need, including wedding planning, a florist, entertainment, and even the wedding dinner menu. Visit Yachts for All Seasons to begin planning your ultimate wedding and reception today!

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