Wedding Guest Book Ideas

7 Amazing Alternatives to the Boring Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Sure, you can set out one of those traditional guest books — the kind they sell at ALL the craft stores and bridal shops. There will be billions just like yours, but that’s okay. OR … you could do something entirely different! Just as lasting, but immeasurably more interesting, these guest book alternatives will definitely ignite the buzz at your NYC wedding venue.

1. Sign Something Meaningful to the Couple

Instead of a book, put out something of value that the couple can treasure always, and have guests sign that instead. The possibilities are truly endless, but here are some ideas to get you started:
• A handmade quilt
• A bench, desk, picnic table or other home or garden furnishing
• A log
• A musical instrument (guitars are perfect)
• A football or basketball
• Other sports equipment, like skis or a surfboard
• A sports jersey
• A custom-made jigsaw puzzle (have the couple’s names printed and let guests sign the individual puzzle pieces)

2. Fill Out a Card of Advice for the Newlyweds

Names, shmames. Keep it real by giving guests note cards or postcards so that they can write their own words of seasoned advice for the new couple. You can add a cute twist, like making it “recipes for a successful marriage” or “your marriage bucket list”. Guests can include great ideas for resolving conflict, making decisions, or even their best creative ideas for keeping date night interesting!

3. Create a Poster to Frame with Guest Signatures

Does the couple love superheroes? Classic works of art? A particular book or move? Have a poster made, adorned with something the couple cherishes. Leave plenty of whitespace around the image where guests can sign “in the margin”. Then frame the poster for a forever keepsake.

4. Have Guests Make Photo or Video ‘Signatures’

Instead of leaving out a paper and pen guestbook, sit out a Polaroid camera or video camera (a smartphone or tablet works just as well) on the “guest book” table, and have the guests make photo or video ‘signatures’. Be sure to have someone you trust manning the table, in case some of the guests can’t figure out how to operate the device (and to assure the device doesn’t walk off). Add an extra element of creativity by having guests hang their photo signatures on a tree or adding it to an actual guest book.

5. Give Them Something to Type About

Set up a typewriter in your NYC wedding venue and let guests type out their signatures, along with a friendly note. Be sure to stock the table with plenty of typing paper and extra ribbon. It’s also a good idea to have someone work the typewriter guest book table, because many of your younger guests may have never operated one! This idea is perfect for couples who are into literature, writing, or anything retro.

6. Set Up a Guest Signature Tree

There are a couple of great ways to create a signature tree guest book. First, you can provide an actual tree, either wire or a poster type, and have guests sign cards to hang on the tree. Alternately, you can print out a tree poster, without leaves. Have guests put their fingerprints on the tree, like leaves, and sign their fingerprints. Be sure to offer multiple colors of fingerprint ink, so the tree ends up with an interesting and colorful pattern!

7. Put Guest Messages in a Bottle

Message in a bottlee
If you find messages in a bottle romantic and intriguing (we do too!), consider providing an empty bottle (a Jeroboam, or oversized wine bottle, is ideal), small pieces of paper, and elegant pens. Allow your guests to write you personalized messages and stick them in the bottle to be read later — perhaps on your 1st anniversary. This is the perfect guest book alternative for couples getting married on a yacht!
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