Host Your Next Corporate Event on a NYC Charter Yacht

Are you looking for the ultimate venue to host your next corporate event? Read on to discover the top 11 reasons to host your next corporrate event on a Charter Yacht in NYC! Whether you’re planning a seminar, brainstorming session, awards ceremony, meet and greet for a scattered workforce, or need to entertain and wow your biggest clients — a NYC charter yacht perfectly fits the bill. Here are the most compelling reasons to rent a NYC charter yacht for your next corporate event venue in NYC.

1. A NYC Charter Yacht Makes Employees Feel Pampered

When Forbes compiled a list of the top things today’s employees look for in an employer, attention (recognition) ranked 6th. That’s pretty important. Choosing a charter yacht over the more mundane NYC corporate event venues tells them they’re important. Very important. The crews are trained to do one thing extremely well: pamper guests. From the elegant styling of the yachts to the immense menu selections, nothing says, “we value you” like chartering a yacht for your next corporate shindig.

2. Changing the View & Settings Changes Team Dynamics

Professional team builders and counselors continually stress the importance of getting workers together outside the confines of the office. There are several reasons why this is most effective. First, the workplace is strongly associated with whatever stress, toxicity, and other negative dynamics might be occurring at any given work environment. Second, people tend to shed their facade when removed from their usual environment: you get a closer approximation of what they’re really like ‘away from the office’. Third, making them special by providing a special retreat from the office space improves morale, which in turn improves group dynamics. People tend to ‘get real’ more easily when away from their normal desks, cubicles, and the same-old-same-old scenery.

3. Easily Accommodate Special Needs

Whether you’re considered a small business or a global enterprise, there are no doubt some special needs to accommodate at any corporate event. You may have workers with physical handicaps, food allergies, special religious eating requirements, a history of alcohol abuse, or any number of other issues. A NYC charter yacht crew and event planner is keenly aware of these issues and are quite used to accommodating a range of such specific needs. You might also consider having a special play area or kids’ section, where employees’ children can be entertained and kept safe while the parents engage in business. Don’t drive Martha in HR crazy with detailed menu requests (can we have gluten free?), religious or moral concerns (I can’t be near a wet bar!), or special needs (is it wheelchair accessible?). Leave it to the pros who are used to planning and hosting events, meals, and a variety of needs.

4. It’s Easy to Engage in Teambuilding Games & Exercises

A NYC charter yacht service can provide a nice selection of games, teambuilding exercises, and entertainment options. There is abundant space for games, a band or DJ, and unique options like casino games. Plus, on a yacht in the middle of NY Harbor, they won’t be worried about anyone else they know wandering along and seeing them role-playing or engaging in other teambuilding exercises. It’s a safe, closed environment for these kinds of activities.

5. ‘Extras’ Like Floral Arrangements, Themes & Decorations are Included

Another cumbersome task associated with planning corporate events is managing all of the details — flower arrangements, themes and decorations, party favors, etc. Our NYC charter yacht event planners already have vendor relationships in place, so that one call does it all. You can work together with our event planners to choose an appropriate theme and use one of many collections of gorgeous, highly appropriate decorations. This helps keep expenses down, in addition to simplifying the planning process.

6. You Can Easily Break Into Mini-Sessions

Many corporate events, such as seminars and training sessions, require breakout sessions. A charter yacht is ample roomy to allow for both large group sessions and mini-sessions with smaller groups. On nice days, you can even hold mini-sessions out on the deck, in the open air. Nothing sparks creativity for brainstorming like the incredibly inspiring views along NY Harbor!

7. Abundant Menu Selections

Depending on the size and length of the corporate event, you can have a simple cocktail and hors d’oeuvres menu, a full sit-down meal, or a generous buffet. We also offer stations, such as potato bars, taco bars, dessert bars, and more. Our NYC charter yachts can accommodate brunch, snacks, lunch, and dinner, from cold cuts to gourmet entrees. We can also help you assure that you’ve got the right amount of food for your size and duration of event. Since the catering is on us, this is one more thing you can scratch off your to-do list.

8. Choose from a Variety of Settings & Charter Yacht Sizes

Our selection of NYC Charter Yachts features smaller vessels, ideal for a dozen or so guests, up to gigantic boats that accommodate up to 1,200 people. So, whether you’re gathering a few select executives for a brainstorming session or your entire workforce for an awards ceremony or training meeting, we’ve got you covered. There are more than 40 vessels to choose from (we also have yachts for charter in Connecticut and Philadelphia), ranging from sleek, modern designs to the grand old style of yesteryear. Pick your vessel and create the ambiance you desire.

9. No One Has to Miss the Fun While Hosting or Serving

Since our NYC charter yachts come with full crews, you don’t have to relegate a handful of unlucky employees to miss all the fun while they serve, fix up, and clean up. Your entire group can participate in your corporate event, while our crew takes care of the setup, boarding, serving, and cleanup. Martha in HR thanks you.

10. They Can’t Duck Out

This isn’t a popular subject, but it does happen. Employees ‘check in’ to your corporate event, sign the requisite forms, and then skip out without attending the sessions they’re supposed to. A NYC charter yacht takes this option off the table. Once the ship embarks on the cruise, your team remains assembled and ready for the day’s events.

11. No Parking Problems

Many of the popular NYC corporate event venues, while quite elegant inside, come with insane parking problems. Especially during times when other conventions, sporting events, or big wedding parties are in town. Our NYC charter yachts port at area marinas with ample parking for however many guests you have attending the event. Want to eliminate ‘I couldn’t find a parking spot’ as an excuse for not attending your corporate event? Choose one of our charter yachts.
Simplify your next corporate event, and supercharge your team atmosphere with a NYC yacht charter from Yachts for All Seasons. Your business is our pleasure.
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