5 New York Wedding Ideas You Never Thought Of

5 New York Wedding Ideas You Never Thought Of
In a city this big — with this many people and places and things — how did it all become a such a huge cliché? Yet somehow, it did. It seems like all the coolest NYC wedding venues are overused, all of the neatest photo settings have been shot to death, and all the best ideas are old news now. We get it.
Enter: a fresh string of ideas to make your wedding as unique as it is exceptionally romantic. Here’s how to create a unique NYC wedding that won’t be like any of your friends’ weddings.
1. Host a Surprise Wedding
Surprise weddings are anything but typical. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife had a surprise wedding, so it’s actually a thing, but, for obvious reasons, it’s anything but commonplace. The key to a surprise wedding is to create a brilliant cover story to get people there without letting on that they’re coming to a wedding. For example, invite them to an engagement party on a NYC charter yacht. Once they board, surprise them with the actual nuptials! Or, you can tell them you’re taking the cruise for photos, or for something else entirely, such as a family birthday party, retirement celebration, or an ordinary office get-together.
2. Downsize Your Guest List
Do thoughts of an enormous wedding fill you with fright, or dread? Couples frequently opt to downsize — we mean really downsize — their wedding ceremonies. If you are afraid some people will get their feelings hurt, you can always have a separate reception that’s just a party for all your friends and extended family. There are numerous ways to pull this off. Have a quiet affair with you two and the “gotta be there” folks, followed by a dinner cruise on a charter yacht. Conversely, you can have a secret wedding on a small charter yacht, and then later have a land-based party for all to attend. Either way, you don’t have to feel like you’re on stage or entertaining. You can have the ceremony in virtual solitude, and still enjoy partying it up with all the people, when the pressure is off.
3. Go Gloriously Informal
Many couples just don’t feel like formals and tuxedos are their style. You can turn the traditional wedding upside down and hold a completely informal wedding on a NYC charter yacht. A yacht makes it easy to create the exact level of casual or formal setting you wish for. Since it’s a boat, you can have guests (and the wedding attendants, if you choose) wear clothes they’d wear for any old boat ride. Some couples also go with a theme — like day at the beach or country casual — to set the mood just right. Or, just specify “casual attire” on your invitations.
4. Opt for Non-Traditional Entertainment
Have you attended a wedding reception where there was a really lame live band, or maybe just some crappy music blared on a subpar PA system? Switch it up for your reception. Consider something way wild, like hosting casino games during your reception, or opting for a magician. You can still have all the traditional couples’ dances, dances with the parents, and everything. You can just do that before or after the alternative entertainment!
5. Have Your Wedding Ceremony at an Unexpected Time of Day
There are distinct advantages to kicking off a wedding cruise earlier in the day. For example, you’ll still be fresh and rested and won’t wear out before the reception party begins. Embarking earlier also leaves plenty of time for a leisurely brunch or afternoon cocktail party, and you can take advantage of the extra daylight for more stunning wedding photos! Leaving early on your wedding yacht charter also allows for a longer cruise, and you can still get back in time to catch a flight or check into your hotel.
Yachts for All Seasons has the perfect NYC wedding yacht charter, whether your ceremony is an intimate gathering for just a few or a blowout of 1,200. We can also help you plan your wedding dinner menu, wedding theme, wedding ceremony, flowers, entertainment and more. Don’t settle for a boring wedding like every other wedding in NYC this year. Make yours ultra special with a right-sized wedding charter yacht!

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