NYC Yacht Wedding Ideas: Underused Themes NYC Wedding Cruise

NYC Yacht Wedding Ideas

14+ Amazingly Underused Themes for Your NYC Wedding Cruise
The only problem with finding a wedding theme on Pinterest and Instagram is that those ideas start out fresh and inspired, but soon become tired and woefully overused. Such is the case with most of the themes that dominate current weddings — the Hawaiian luau, the rustic barn scene complete with enough burlap and lace to wallpaper the Vatican, vintage or “Victorian”, and the truly cliché superheroes. The best weddings in New York don’t rely on themes that have been overdone to the point of fatigue.
Your wedding isn’t going to hinge on overused themes. Yours is going to be fresh, innovative, and truly inspiring. Here’s how to choose your ideal wedding theme for a special and memorable wedding. Then we’ll give you a whole list of unexpected, underused themes to spark your imagination!
NYC Yacht Wedding Couple
Define Who You are as a Couple
A wedding venue and theme should reflect what’s unique about you two.
What makes you stand out from the other couples in your crowd? Are you the trendsetters in your clique or are you two the “normal” ones among a group of quirky nuts? Perhaps you have something unusual about your union — such as meeting on a mission trip to eastern Sudan or that you both are long-time Mensa members. Whatever defines you, identify that and allow it to guide you through the rest of these steps, so that you end up with a wedding theme that truly reflects your identity and personality as a couple.
Yacht Wedding Venue Selection
Begin by Choosing Your Venue
Yacht weddings in NYC include both daytime cruises and night weddings, allowing you to choose the ideal backdrop for your inspired wedding theme.
If you pick a theme before choosing your NYC wedding venue, you may end up with a lot of ideas that just won’t work. For example, you wouldn’t want a rustic theme in one of NYC’s more modern facilities, or a “circus under the big tent” theme for a yacht wedding. Pick your venue and then plan a theme that works well within it. If you’re looking for a truly unique wedding venue in NYC, yachts definitely stand out among the hotels, dance halls, and gardens that have become so cliché in recent years.
Visualize looking back on your yacht wedding in NYC
Visualize Looking Back on the Wedding Decades from Now
The trendiest wedding today will one day be old school. Pick a wedding venue and theme that will hold up well with time and remain memorable and special after decades’ worth of trends have come and gone.
When you guys celebrate your 20th, 30th … 50th anniversary, Game of Thrones and OITNB will merely be distant memories. You’ll only think of them when you see reruns on the future version of TV Land. The superhero movies dominating box offices right now will succumb to wave after wave of trends that nobody’s foreseen just yet. The trends of today will be as silly to look back on as 80’s fashions and flip phones are now. That’s not to say that you can’t choose a trendy, modern theme, but it does mean that you should select your wedding theme based on who you are as people and as a couple, not merely on a freeze frame in the ever-changing world of popularity and fashion trends.
get seasoned yacht wedding advice
Get Seasoned Advice
Before settling on a theme, pick a few brides who’ve been-there-done-that. Browse their wedding albums. Talk to them about what worked and what didn’t. What would they do the same again? What would they change?
You can partner with a wedding planner who understands what it takes to pull off a successful wedding in NYC, or you can spend some time with people you know who’ve been married for some time. Go through their wedding albums. Talk to them about what worked and what didn’t. [Hint: the more complicated your plans, the more likely something is to go wrong.
Yacht Wedding Ideas Pinetrest Fails
Spend Some Time on Pinterest Fails
The gorgeous DIY weddings you see on Pinterest are usually staged by professionals with lots of skill, experience, and some Photoshop to make it look perfect. In reality, DIY decorations usually look amateurish and often cost as much or more than having a professional handle it. 
“Pinterest Fails?” you ask. “Shouldn’t I look for the good stuff?” Nope. You should be aware that many of the DIY ideas that are so beautifully portrayed in Pins and Instagram posts just aren’t realistic for most laypeople. In reality, you rarely save much money doing it yourself, and it usually doesn’t come out anything like the picture. Plus, you’ll spend so much more time and energy than if you’d simply bought decorations and relied on an experienced planner to help you set everything up right. You might actually save money by not doing it yourself, because you won’t have wasted leftovers and you won’t have to rush out at the last minute to nab replacement items for whatever didn’t come out right. It’s the difference in having a DIY wedding and having a picture-perfect professional-looking wedding, and being rested and refreshed enough to truly enjoy it.
Underused Yacht Wedding Theme Ideas
Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are some spectacularly underused wedding themes that are sure to please both the couple and your NYC wedding guests …
Stylized, overly-staged photos, superhero themes, and anything with Mason jars and burlap are sooooooo last year. Opt for fresh new trends and traditions like these — or create something wholly your own! On a wedding yacht, you can use the entire New York Harbor for inspiration. Are you veterans? Use the Statue of Liberty for inspiration. Immigrants? Play off of Ellis Island. The NYC skyline is the limit!

  1. Schoolhouse
  2. Science Lab
  3. Travel
  4. Greenhouse
  5. Wizard of Oz
  6. Movie Night
  7. Circus
  8. Fall Festival
  9. Library
  10. 20’s Speakeasy
  11. Farmer’s Market
  12. Summer Camp
  13. Color-Based Themes
  14. Your Very Own Creation!

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to create a wedding that’s as unique and special as you are as a couple. What would make your wedding theme even more enjoyable and memorable? Host your wedding and reception aboard a yacht! We offer smaller boats for intimate wedding cruises for close family and friends only, as well as larger vessels suitable for those grand weddings with hundreds of guests. We also offer professional wedding planners who can pull off your theme with skill and finesse. What are you waiting for? Schedule your yacht wedding in NYC today!
For more information on some of our current yacht charter specials, view our current NYC Yachts For Rent or submit a FREE QUOTE REQUEST and one of our senior wedding planners will follow up to provide a complimentary consultation.

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