6 Top-Secret Ideas for Wedding Entertainment That Isn't Cliché


6 Top-Secret Ideas for Wedding Entertainment That Isn’t Cliché
We don’t think we’re alone in being sick to the gills of overused wedding entertainment. The barns and mason jars, photo booths and mariachi bands, 80’s DJ’s and overly-staged photo sessions [insert eye roll here] need to go. Instead, opt for something fresh and engaging. We’ve assembled a collection of ideas for you that are anything but tired and cliché. You’re welcome.

  1. Hold a Dinner Theater

Get your guests laughing or guessing who-done-it while they enjoy their reception dinner. Local aspiring actors would love to prepare and present a special dinner theater presentation for your wedding, and many New York companies are willing to do so for an amazingly affordable price. Try a twisty mystery or maybe a slapstick comedy or upbeat musical. Your wedding will be the talk of the town, and utterly unforgettable!

  1. Provide an Entertaining & Educational Class

Instead of merely entertaining your guests, consider educating and inspiring them, as well. Hire a professional chef to walk your guests through building their own DIY pizza or fondue or sushi. Other options include hosting an actual wine tasting during your reception, led by a professional wine connoisseur, or perhaps hiring a professional cigar roller to roll fine cigars or teach your guests how to do so for themselves. Edu-tainment is more than entertainment. Your guests leave with newfound knowledge and a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Host a Movie Night

One of the advantages of getting hitched in the age of social media is that most couples have a ready-made arsenal of photos from The Official First Date all the way through the proposal and even last night’s rehearsal dinner. Consider presenting a home movie during your reception made up of all the photos, social posts, and special moments along your journey of love. If that’s too ooey gooey for you, you can show them the move you saw on your first date instead, or perhaps a movie that defines you as a couple, like Must Love Dogs or Sleepless in Seattle. [Hint: this is the perfect option if your friends don’t know his friends or if you’ve got family members who can’t always be depended on to get along and play nice during social events.]

  1. Give ‘Em Life-Size Games

Even in confined wedding venues like a wedding yacht, you can set up and play a few games. Active games encourage mingling and animated conversations, so your guests won’t be confined to hobnobbing with only the other guests at their table. Try popular favorites like the ring toss, life-size Connect Four, bobbing for apples, or corn hole. Create a carnival-like atmosphere by setting up several of these games and letting your guests browse around and try them all!

  1. Free Dance Lessons for All

What’s the primary reason that a wedding reception looks like a junior high dance, with all the ladies lining up un-chaperoned along one wall, and all the gents lining up stag-style across the room? Well, not everyone can dance. Unless your friends and family are all-natural, classically-trained Freds and Gingers, consider providing free dance lessons at your reception. This is an easy way to get everyone on their feet and make sure nobody gets left out or embarrassed. Hey, we’re all just learning here!

  1. Hire a Professional Artist

Instead of the worn-out photo booth that’s graced practically every wedding since 2005, hire a professional artist to draw caricatures of your guests. Alternately, you can hire a performing artist to draw or paint scenes from the wedding and reception before your guests’ very eyes. You can opt for a traditional style painter (think Bob Ross) or something a little edgier, like a graffiti artist. Guests (and you!) will have wedding souvenirs suitable for hanging. These kinds of wedding mementos don’t end up crushed in the back of the sock drawer or tossed out with the kids’ McDonald’s toys. They get prominent displays at home or in the office.
Whether you opt for the latest and greatest trends in wedding entertainment or opt for something more traditional, there’s no way to make your Big Day stand out like booking a wedding yacht for the occasion. Classy, stylish, affordable, and unique, wedding yachts are ideal for anything from a brunch time ceremony to a dinnertime cruise. Let your guests enjoy the amazing skyline of New York City — an ideal backdrop for whatever entertainment you choose. Contact Yachts for All Seasons to begin planning your perfect yacht wedding today!

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