Arrive in Style at The Duggal Greenhouse

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Arrive in Style at the Duggal Greenhouse
When it comes time to host or attend an event in the NYC area, how you arrive makes a huge statement. And let’s face it; there is nothing quite as elegant and sophisticated as arriving in a luxurious private yacht charter. The Duggal Greenhouse is one of New York’s newest and most premier party venues. It is fast becoming one of New York’s hottest choices for private functions, live events, fashion shows, product launches, movie/commercial productions and rehearsal space.
Conveniently located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, guests arriving by boat can impressively dock only mere steps away from the Duggal Greenhouse and it’s private waterfront patio. The Greenhouse uses the latest in technology, utilizing solar energy, organic air purification and eco friendly building practices.
A Brief History of the Duggal Greenhouse
Baldev Duggal arrived in the U.S. from India with just $200 and a dream. After building one of the most successful photography businesses in NYC, Duggal founded a green energy company called Duggal Energy Solutions. This company is responsible for developing some of the most successful green technologies around, including the only streetlights that stayed on during Hurricane Sandy. He also converted an asbestos-laden facility at the Brooklyn Naval Yard into a one-of-a-kind venue. The Duggal Greenhouse is modernly chic, operates via eco-friendly power sources, and features 100,000 square feet of space for a variety of activities.
Events to Host or Attend at the Duggal Greenhouse
Like mentioned above, th Duggal Greenhouse is available for a range of different events, including private parties, live performances, fashion shows, product launches, film productions, and rehearsal space. In fact, Beyonce used this facility, in secret, to rehearse for her recent tour.
Getting to the Duggal Greenhouse in Style
The Duggal Greenhouse is certainly accessible by land, but who wants to do that when you can arrive via an illustrious private yacht charter? Yachts for All Seasons offers a wide selection of yachts to escort you to any of the exclusive Duggal Greenhouse events in ultimate style. Get a complimentary Free Consultation Today by filling out a Free Quote Request, or simply call us at 212-534-6380.
Additional Details About The Duggal Greenhouse:
* Venue size: 35,000 square feet
* Ground floor: 29,190 square feet
* Mezzanine level: 4,750 square feet
* Venue height: 70′-0″ floor to ceiling / 54’-0” floor to truss
* Capacity: 100 – 3,000

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