Romantic Things to Do in New York

New York City Aerial View
Looking for romantic things to do in New York? Do you think there’s no longer any mystery left in the big city? Tired of dragging your date to the canned “dinner and a movie” date? There are still some romantic adventures left to surprise you, which are sure to provide lots of things to talk about and experience together. Take a romantic yacht charter, learn more about the native flora, delve into a cultural artistic experience, or get to know some of the lovable fur babies at the zoo!
Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
The Brooklyn Botanical Garden features 52 acres of stunning gardens to stroll through and talk about. This is an ideal daytime date, and there are lots of things to see, like the exotic Japanese gardens or the interesting collection of herbs. There are tours available. A special section of the gardens features plants native to this region.
Take a Luxurious Yacht Charter
With a yacht charter, you can choose which romantic experience best suits you and your partner. You can select an uncomplicated cruise around the harbor, or enjoy a lengthier tour of the local bridges or up the coast toward Connecticut. Yachts are available for both day and evening adventures, so consider a romantic dinner cruise or an exciting nighttime cruise when the skyline is ablaze with lights.
Experience the Metropolitan Museum of Art
This is the largest museum in the United States, and one of the largest museums in the entire world. In addition to the thousands of artworks on display year round, you can take in touring exhibitions, lectures, concerts, dramatic performances, and more. Admission to the Metropolitan Museum includes admission to Cloisters Museum and Gardens, so you can get two dates in the same week for the price of one.
Enjoy the Animals at Central Park Zoo
Smother your date with cuteness at Central Park Zoo, where you can feed the penguins and sea lions at certain times during the day. Along with the animals of the rainforest, arctic, and temperate climate, you can see snow leopards, grizzly bears, farm animals, and more.
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