Why You Should Choose a Yacht Charter Over Any Other Party Venue

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Planning a party? If so, you need to choose the perfect venue. A yacht charter is the ideal party place, so we offer several reasons on why you should choose a yacht charter over any other party venue. Charters are available for a few hours, or for several hours, and choices of cruises include sightseeing around the harbor or traveling along the shore side of Jersey and Connecticut. Any time of year is a spectacular time of year for a yacht party!
Yacht Parties Are Unique
Let’s face it: if you’ve been to one hotel ballroom, you’ve been to them all. Party planners are constantly on the lookout for new and unusual party venues, and there’s nothing as special as a yacht! Whether your event is a daytime affair with casual attire, or a nighttime adventure with formal wear, yacht rentals are elegant, sophisticated, and definitely a step above any land-based venue. Guests can stroll the decks and take in the views, or enjoy the plush interior where you can enthrall them with a variety of food and entertainment options.
Yacht Parties Are Suitable for Any Size Guest List
From a cozy affair for a few close friends, to a grand celebration including hundreds of guests, there is a yacht to accommodate your crowd. Smaller boats offer intimate spaces for conversation, comfortable eating, and some entertainment. Larger yachts provide ample places to dance, host exciting entertainers, and serve a spread of cuisine that your guests will be talking about for ages. A yacht assures you have a captive audience for your gala — no sneaking out after the cake is cut!
Yacht Parties Are Ideal for Both Casual and Formal Parties
Yacht parties come in a variety of styles, from informal showers and birthday parties, to upscale dinner cruises and elegant retirement celebrations or milestone anniversary parties. You can choose, because boats lend themselves easily to shorts and T-shirts, or to black tie and evening gowns. Choose an afternoon adventure and treat guests to a casual cruise with light snacks and hors-d’oeuvres, or select an evening cruise with fancier fare, musical entertainment, and spectacular views of the lighted skyline. The choices are endless!
Contact one of the experienced professional party planners at Yachts for All Seasons today at 212-534-6380 or 917-864-7670. They can help you set up and plan the ideal yacht party for your particular celebration. Happy sailing!

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