Should You Hold Your Yacht Party During the Day or Night?

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A yacht party is the perfect way to set your event apart from all the rest of this year’s affairs. Both day and evening parties have advantages, but day parties are most appropriate for some festivities, while nighttime is ideal for other soirées. Here is your guide to selecting the best time of day for your particular event and planning the ideal private yacht charter to meet your needs.
How Formal Should the Party Be?
Yacht parties are no different from land-based parties, in that daytime events are generally less formal than evening get-togethers. Daytime yacht events are ideal for birthday, engagement, graduation, and company parties; family reunions; and baby and bridal showers.
Evening parties are suited for events like corporate shindigs, milestone anniversary celebrations, client appreciation galas, weddings and rehearsal dinners, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, award ceremonies, fundraising events, and club banquets.
Who Will Be Attending the Party?
Different types of party attendants have different schedules, and this will be a key factor in turnout. Are your attendees mostly full-time workers? Evening might be best, to allow them time to take care of work and family obligations, so they can relax and enjoy the amusements. If your guests are more flexible with scheduling, a daytime bash is the ideal time to take in scenery from the yacht that becomes invisible when the sun sets.
What Type of Menu Will You Be Serving?
If you schedule the cruise around a normal mealtime, such as midday or midevening, guests will naturally expect a substantial meal for lunch or dinner. Mid-afternoon and late-evening fetes can go either way, so be sure to specify on the invitations if a meal will or won’t be served.
Day parties have the advantage of comfortable informality with excellent views of the water, skyline, and landscape. Night parties are elegant, and they offer the best views of the stunningly lit skyline. A happy middle ground is an early dinner cruise that features a daylight boarding, the romance of watching the sun set over the water, and a grand finale return to the ambiance of the marina. Your guest list holds the key to deciding which yacht rental is right for your special plans.
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