How to Plan a Company Yacht Party

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Tired of the same old boring party venues for your corporate get-togethers and holiday celebrations? A charter yacht is the perfect change of pace for corporate events. Yacht parties offer all of the elegance, sophistication, and allure your guests crave, while providing ambiance that makes the standard conference hall or hotel ballroom pale in comparison. Here’s how to plan a corporate event yacht charter for stellar success!
Determine More Than Just the Number of Guests
When you’re conducting the head count, also take into consideration other factors about your guests that will help you plan an appropriate menu and select the right entertainment. Today’s workplace is diverse, comprised of people with allergies, ethical convictions like vegetarianism or veganism, and religious beliefs that prohibit activities like alcohol consumption. When you issue the RSVPs, collect this background information so that all of the guests feel welcome and comfortable during the yachting experience.
Decide on an Appropriate Time of Day and Length of Charter
Charter adventures range from short cruises around the metro area to more extended ventures along the coastline. What type of experience is most appropriate for your corporate event yacht charter? Also, determine whether a day versus night party might be best for your particular crowd. For example, if the event is a simple “thank you” gesture for employees who worked extra hard to make the year successful, a short dinner cruise around the harbor is likely perfect. A longer voyage designed to impress important clients might be 4 hour or longer, with the option to stay dockside for a cocktail hour or dessert hour, while taking guests to spectacular sights like the bridges of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg.
Plan for Some Appropriate Entertainment
There is a variety of entertainers to choose from, ranging from up-and-coming comedians, to thrilling magicians, to exciting casino games. Consider your guest list when deciding on entertainment. Some crowds might enjoy a smooth jazz band, while others might fancy an innovative, street-beat DJ instead.
With the right planning, your corporate yacht charter will be a resounding success! Plan the corporate yacht party of a lifetime today by calling Yachts For All Seasons at 212-534-6380

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