3 Tips to Make Your Company Yacht Party a Spectacular Success

3 Tips to Make Your Company Yacht Party a Spectacular Success
Planning a company event or holiday party? A NYC charter yacht is the ideal alternative to the same old hotel ballrooms or corporate meeting centers. How can you assure your corporate event yacht charter will become an instant and long-remembered hit around the office? Here are your tips for ultimate success:
1. Consider Choosing a Theme for the Party

One way to add a little more excitement to the festivities is by creating the party around a theme. For example, guests can dress up and pretend it’s the Roaring ’20s, or perhaps a Las Vegas casino or a tropical paradise. There are tons of great themes to choose from to make the cruise something out of the ordinary. When choosing the theme, keep the guest list in mind and avoid any themes that would exclude any specific group or make them feel uncomfortable.
2. Arrange for Transportation for Guests to and From the Marina
There often aren’t enough parking spaces at the marina to accommodate a larger crowd if most of them are driving their own vehicles. Some of the yachts that cater to company holiday parties accommodate as many as 1,200 people — which means a lot of parked vehicles for several hours at a busy New York marina. If this is the case, avoid parking problems by arranging for transportation to the marina. A charter bus or limos are the perfect way to get all of the guests there without having to worry about someone missing the party because they couldn’t find a parking spot.
3. Allow Flexibility in the Schedule
Entertainment keeps the party rolling, but tightly scheduling the entire event without leaving room for unexpected occurrences isn’t wise. Sometimes an executive might wish to give an impromptu speech, or perhaps the yacht is delayed a few moments for whatever reason. Occasionally, a guest of honor is late and the boat can’t disembark without them. Always leave some wiggle room in the entertainment schedule to accommodate these unforeseen events.
The experienced and knowledgeable event planners at Yachts for All Seasons can help plan your corporate party for stellar success! Call 212-534-6380 today to see how your party can be the talk of the office for years to come.

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