The Ultimate Yacht Wedding

Planning a wedding on a luxurious yacht can be one of the most remarkable experiences you could ever imagine. However, even the smallest mistake during the planning process could lead to a number of problems that could cause you and your guests unwanted headaches.
In order to ensure you’re not among the horror stories of yacht weddings gone bad, there are a few critical things you need to be ready for. For instance, one of the biggest mistakes people commonly make is not planning their wedding on a yacht large enough to cater to all their guests.
Planning the ultimate yacht wedding in NYC should start by coming up with a tentative guest count. You are going to need to know the yacht’s true capacity so that you can accurately plan your event without surprises. You’ll also need to cover the basics such as deciding your choice of food, cake, photographers, music, etc.
In addition to these details, you will want to decide on the appropriate décor you will use for the wedding and reception. Because of choosing to have your wedding on a yacht, you might want to even consider going with a nautical theme. Ideas could include anything from sailboat place cards, personalized captain’s hats to a Steel Drum Band during the boarding process.
If you are considering having your wedding on a yacht, the following infographic can help you plan all of the many details. This infographic includes a checklist of important things that you will need to plan your perfect day and make the memory of a lifetime.

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